Environment Protection Policy

SIRRI provides formal wear and related accessories for children in markets all around the world, and because children are the leaders of a better future, it is our duty to hand them a healthier planet.

We have implemented various measures to ensure minimum wastage while carrying out our daily business. We believe that no matter how small a contribution is, it will certainly accumulate over time.

We have adopted a complete digital communication solution to minimize the usage of paper and other wood-based products.

Our product packaging is made with %60 recycled material and can be reused and recycled as well.

We also use the minimum packaging required to properly protect the products while in storage or shipment, in order to lessen the waste resulted in any unwanted plastic wrapping or paper.

Even while shipping large batches, we’re keen on preserving any supporting material that are normally thrown away, so we can reuse them again later.

Any eventual waste that is accumulated in our warehouses, are properly stored and disposed of with accordance to the standing environmental protection laws.

We have also partnered with “weir waste & recycling management” company to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with local laws.

Of course, there is no single action that is guaranteed to protect the environment completely, but rather, it’s a continues act-observe-adjust cycle that we are committed to in the long run.